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Give Oaktree as a Gift

For a gift that will last a lifetime, give a baby oak. This tiny tree represents much
more than the sum of its parts. A baby oak is a symbol of growth, a little piece of
potential which will mature into a living monument to your occasion.

Beautifully packaged, personal and powerful, for a gift with impact, buy one today.


Why an oak
is the perfect gift

From ancient to modern times
the oak tree represents growth
strength and longevity.

represents growth

Give an oak tree
for any occasion

Ideal for a birthday, wedding
housewarming, corporate gift,
new baby - anything!

Give Oktree as a gift

Carbon offsets

Help us save the planet
and combat climate change
one tree at a time.

save planet from climate change

A baby oak tree is an environmentally friendly, sustainable present for any occasion that will grow in tribute to your event, unlike flowers, chocolates or a
gift basket. What better way to celebrate a milestone or provide a distinctive token of appreciation to an important customer, client, friend, relative, partner, child, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend? Ideal for a birthday, corporate gift, business partnership, award recognition, wedding, anniversary, housewarming, Mother's day, Father's day, new baby, thank you, sympathy, love, commitment, friendship, congratulations, get well soon or special occasion (Christmas, Easter, Bar/BatMitzvah, Confirmation, Christening). Order an oak today.

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